Reliable, Affordable, Adaptable and Scalable

Scripting our success story…

Our beginning:

Back in 1996, when Bytescale founder Kushal Shah recognized the potentials of computers and technology as an enterprise, he also knew that the bigger test was to break the consumer inertia towards their advancement. Driven by his passion to confront the challenges of the industry that was upgrading itself every three months, Kushal instituted Bytescale. The aim was to bridge the distance between the consumers and technology. And, Bytescale continues to do so, ingeniously, by generating the understanding among users while providing the best available tools for technology. From dealing in home and gaming PCs to Building their first   Multi Processor workstation, in 1999, to a leading publishing house, Bytescale has evolved itself with India’s emerging penchant for technology.

Our specialization:

Bytescale today has a stronghold in computing and major storage Solutions, specializing with the Media and Entertainment Industry. Our forte lies in High Performance computing, Networking solutions, Workstations, IT Infrastructure consulting and Strategic outsourcing. Presently, Bytescale is a preferred one stop solution provider for customers using digital content in whoever form be it creation / manipulation / delivery

The booming media industry is on a constant look out for tailored solutions to meet storage requirements and also create back ups while safeguarding data. We at Bytescale understand best, the rising demand for flexible storage solutions across industry verticals. We have successfully installed storage solutions of 288 TB at one of India’s largest post-production house where it has helped them to create new enhanced workflow. Today, we are not just providers of solutions, but also primary tech-consultants to various media houses – relationships that we have valued and nurtured over the years.

We do it for you to enhance your business with Reliability, Affordability, Adaptability and Scalability. We at Bytescale have been part of the success journeys of some of the country’s finest media houses – providing them the best technological support and advice. Our team, of experts, provides effective IT solutions that meet your expectations, deadlines and budget constraints. We work in alliance with the industry leaders in technology to draw up the best personalized heterogeneous solution model for you complete satisfaction.

Our Values:

Our good-will is a result of our performance – we believe in nothing less than the best. We fiercely uphold our values of righteousness, sincerity, trust and commitment in conducting our business. We understand our customers’ unique requirements and design our solutions effectively.  Technical challenges have always made us discover better solutions. They’re what make us stretch and go beyond the norm.

Our Vision Statement:

Our innovative skills at implementing Enterprise class technologies are unmatched. We have never given up on addressing unique challenges of our customers and persist till we reach a solution. We grow with our patrons, not at their expense. ByteScale is right beside its patrons, from the start, with the right solutions for you. With us, one can rest assured. Trust us!

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