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We meet challenges, head on!

“Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.” That is exactly what Team Bytescale believes in, as it confronts many system complexities to design the best possible solutions to meet everyday business challenges. No matter how tricky the hindrance, this dynamic young team is exceptional in tackling intricate glitches with utmost ease, precision and resilience.

Kushal Shah, Director

Founder Kushal Shah’s zeal to break technical barriers drives Bytescale to deliver its best. His futuristic approach coupled with his business acumen makes Bytescale a leader in offering unparalleled IT expertise for the media and entertainment industry. His self-motivated direction has helped Bytescale expand progressively.

With an experience of 14 years in the industry, Kushal possesses a perceptive knack for building innovative solutions in computing and storage intensive applications. Kushal’s sincere comprehension of customer problems and expectations helps provide the right business solutions by integrating multi-vendor products. Kushal is dexterous at designing custom-made solution models for customers.

After successfully implementing solutions in the Media and Entertainment industry, Kushal now aspires to achieve substantial market shares by expanding Bytescale as a solution provider to other industry verticals having high performance computing and storage needs. This challenge of building solutions to address unique business requirements, overlooked by large system integrators is what ignites Kushal’s passion for technology.

Amit Mehta, Group Manager

Amit Mehta is Bytescale’s trusted overseer. Having an experience over 14 years for sales and marketing of IT software and hardware across verticals, Amit successfully manages the sales and marketing operations for Bytescale. With his consistent approach to define and implement strategies for market analysis and business planning, Amit helps identify Bytescale’s short term and long term goals. A Post Graduate in Marketing, Amit is gifted with adeptness in managing business operations encompassing key account relationship management, administration, market analysis, development of new markets and market segments.

Amit is a sharp strategist and executioner of Bytescale’s business canvass to explore new verticals and achieve desired goals. His precision in formulating strategies to enhance Bytescale operations has helped evaluate performance and also develop a network of dealings. Amit enthusiastically performs his task of tapping new markets for Bytescale and also introducing innovative marketing plans. Amit believes that offering unique solutions to customers’ business challenges of storage and High Performance Computing Technologies will take Bytescale to the summit of its success.

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