Reliable, Affordable, Adaptable and Scalable

Uniprocessor and Dual processor: Bytescale’s expertise in providing first-rate workstations is unbeatable. With recommendations based on the ratio of price against performance, Bytescale extends a complete one-stop hardware and Software support for deployment of workstations. Bytescale’s high-performance computing platforms power a variety of creative users in the areas of: Animation, Broadcast, Game Development, Media Rendering, Product Design and Post.

Why we stand apart:

  • Outstanding Graphics Performance: The graphics offerings on all Bytescale workstations can handle the demands of 2D and Open GL 3D operations for engineering, architecture or design applications with ease.
  • Ultimate Scalability: They can support dual-graphics, up to 192GB of 1333 MHz fully buffered DIMM memory with higher bandwidth quad-channel memory architecture, and up to two 64-bit Multi -Core Intel® Xeon® processors.

  • Rigorously Tested
    Bytescale aims to achieve a flawless compatibility and optimized performance in demanding work environments such as computer-aided design and engineering, digital content creation, and financial trading. We maximize the reliability with ongoing compliance and support.

  • Energy Efficient
    We integrate to optimize:
  • Low Voltage Intel® Xeon® Processors -Dual- and Quad-Core low voltage processors designed to increase performance per watt and where processors can intuitively turn off cores to save power.
  • High Efficiency Power Supplies -Draws significantly less energy,  maintains cooler internal temperatures.
  • High Quality cooling fans- Controls fan speed based on thermal requirements of the system

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