Reliable, Affordable, Adaptable and Scalable

  • Design: Bytescale assists the designing of a dynamic IT infrastructure for you – be it a HPC cluster or a datacenter that embraces state of the art technology and open standards. We thoroughly understand your requirements, challenges and technology goals to create the perfectly hard-wearing foundation for your specific business. We are constantly watching the technology trends to apply the best suitable for your requirements. We prioritise your IT investments to deliver maximum value to the business.

  • Capacity Planning and sizing: To increase life of the hardware, it is crucial to plan your storage capacity. At Bytescale, we help you estimate your storage requirements in time to improve the effectiveness of your business. Running out of disk space in case of production applications is suicidal for your enterprise. Bytescale helps you acquire a large storage space within your budget constrains with a meticulous calculation of you storage “inventory” and predictions of its shortfall.
  • Shared and Hybrid storage solutions: is adept in providing shared SAN solutions, attaching remote computer storage devices to servers. We implement well-planned data storage made available on different computers. We are skilled at creating steady solutions using both SAN and NAS technologies despite the differences between them.
  • We also  provide professional and committed IT Infrastructure Consultancy that meets your expectations in record time frame and with a very transparent financial arrangement. We develop blueprints, design multi level and multi-location set-ups and also extend unmatched extended post-sales support to never let you feel unaided in this race for technological thumbs up!

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