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Infortrend - All-Flash Storage Solution

Founded in 1993, Infortrend stands as one of the few fully integrated technology firms that are completely focused on storage, including related software and services. Infortrend delivers storage innovation and performance to customers worldwide with acclaimed quality and flexibility, combined with superior value.

The company researches, designs, and manufactures products in-house with complete control over processes, leveraging leading expertise in engineering, industrial design, and production. Infortrend storage solutions offer superior long term reliability for businesses, enterprises, and organizations that require uninterrupted access to data. Infortrend technology is widely respected and popular in the media, content creation, and surveillance sectors among other industries, with many high profile customers and successful deployments.

EonStor DS Family

Infortrend EonStor DS Family

  • Mid-range DAS and SAN storage designed for SMBs
  • High performance with segment-defining IOPS and throughput
  • Storage solutions made easy, secure, fast, and efficient
  • User friendly SANWatch software provides simple management and access
  • Modular, cable-less design offers effortless maintenance and upgrades

EonNAS Family

Infortrend EonNAS Family

  • Cross-platform unified storage NAS for file and block level SMB demands
  • Diverse form factors: compact desktop to rackmount enterprise-class
  • Unified architecture centralizes management with cross-platform file sharing
  • Solaris ZFS for advanced data integrity assurance and corruption prevention
  • Simple maintenance and upgrades with modular, cable-free hardware
  • Packed with comprehensive data backup and recovery tools


All-Flash Storage Solution

Infortrend All-Flash Storage Solution

Hybrid Storage Solution

Infortrend Hybrid Storagea Solution

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