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Step by Step, we grew…


ByteScale inclines towards technology, having recognized its potential and need in the future. It’s biggest hurdle – to educate consumers to shed their resistance for technology.


ByteScale begins dealing in personal computers (Desktops)


ByteScale diversifies into gaming computers. During this year, ByteScale expanded itself into Multimedia recording and also introduced their low-budget solutions to assist consumers and service providers in conversion of traditional videotapes to VCDs.

By the end of 1999, ByteScale had branched out into the realm of x86 Processor Based workstations, selling its first to Chitralekha, one of India’s biggest publishing houses. The value proposition was its best Price v/s Performance ratio Compared to Traditional Proprietary Systems in the market. In this year, ByteScale also made two attempted requests for an Intel GID, but was unsuccessful.

2000 – 2001

When the dot com mania came to India, ByteScale explored its potential in the sphere of web hosting.

ByteScale started off by providing an on-time delivery of Rack mounted servers to Customers in Web Hosting Business, who were fatigued with their endless wait for computing infrastructure. ByteScale‘s delivery lead-time was just four days as against four weeks needed by other vendors.


ByteScale introduced Multi Processor based  PC Workstations for Media & Entertainment Vertical , which until that time was a novel concept as Market Was Dominated by Solutions from SGI & Apple. PC Based Multi Processor Workstations running Windows was Never Considered as Platform for Content Creation.


In 2003, ByteScale Made Decision to Focus into broader media and entertainment segment, evaluating its chances of success. At that juncture, most of Animation and VFX Studios were having sudden growth in their requirement in computing & Storage. On examining the scenario closely, ByteScale realized that the overall Computing and Storage related process needed a facelift. In mid-2003, ByteScale presented Concept of Dedicated Rendering servers to these Animation and VFX businesses, enabling them faster deliveries and new heights of Revenue. By the end of 2003, ByteScale was conducting Extensive product R &D as per feedback received by different end users to address  their unique challenges.


ByteScale brought in the much needed innovatory changes in the Storage systems during the Digital Intermediate (DI) boom in the Entertainment industry. Industry needed solution which was cost effective and would deliver the performance required by them. New Area of Data Capacity and Performance was far being address by Traditional IT storage vendors .Customers also had Price Vs Performance concerns which were again not addressed by Traditional IT Storage Vendors.

At the end of 2004, ByteScale became an Intel Premier Partner (IPP).


ByteScale‘s good luck from the end of 2004, continued into 2005. At Crest Animation Studios, Mumbai, ByteScale successfully developed and deployed an award-winning High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster system with a 64-bit Intel® Xeon® processor to handle the high demands of image rendering for their work. The 35 dual Intel Xeon processor servers Based render units have accelerated the rendering of computer generated images at Crest.

This success sparked off Byte Scale’s association with renowned Animation & VFX Studios for computing solutions  for Rendering where ByteScale observed that traditional blades Made by IT Server Vendors not addressing  the Ever Growing computing Requirements. After discussions with various industry experts, ByteScale decided to launch its own family of blades. This was mainly to address more Density, less Power Consumption, more affordable compared to traditional blades available in the market. This Product turned out to be huge Success Having deployed Thousands of units Worldwide


ByteScale Established itself in Visual Effects (VFX) Studios. Also started new product development and provided recommendations to Intel. The new product, early Development Stage, was showcased at “Broadcast India 2006 @ Intel’s booth”

ByteScale was instrumental to set-up a dedicated VFX facility for Prime Focus Limited with:

  • Renderfram Powered with 100 Quad-core Intel Xeon Processors – This was 1st such installation   in Asia even before the Product was officially launched.


This year was ByteScale‘s year of sweetest accomplishments in Media and Entertainment industry.

  1. An existing and loyal AMD customer with installed base of thousands processors in India and USA, ByteScale successfully converted them to buy Solutions Based on Intel Architecture and succeeded in providing computing solution. The Value Proposition remained to be the Blade design, which offered them a unique proposition enabling switching to Intel Architecture.
  2. ByteScale played a key role in providing solutions to one of India’s largest Image restoration facility, providing them with the quickest turnaround time for computing infrastructure. Once again this was not offered by any traditional IT Vendors. This actually brought a new surge of operational efficiency for the customer, benefiting them exceptionally with faster delivery of restored content.
  3. Another boost to Byte Scale’s credibility and confidence came in the form of a successful shared SAN storage for Final Cut Pro  on Apple Platform. ByteScale  integrated and deployed this Solution for a leading TV channel in   multiple locations.
  4. By the end of 2007, ByteScale had been approached for its first Consultancy Project, a reward for its consistent   acknowledgment of the power of advancing technology .


  1. This year turned ByteScale into a consultancy firm, on whom several renowned media companies invest their steady trust, till date. Starting with Blue Prints to managing international clients, ByteScale did it all.
  2. They also set up one of the largest VFX studio (EyeQube) in Mumbai, providing their support beyond just technology. ByteScale devised the blue-print for the studio to ensure that a multi-level set up of three levels would bring in the desired results for the company. With its ground-breaking diligence, ByteScale built infrastructure for 200 artists in a budget originally meant for just 50 artists.
  3. ByteScale also successfully deployed a 96 TB Clustered NAS  (ISILON ) which is connected to 500 workstations and 700 render-farms, one of the fastest storage solutions deployed in the country by an Animation Studio


Until July this year, ByteScale successfully installed two of biggest storage deployments of 120 TB and 576 TB at two different Studios.

Also delivered thousands of blades in an international company specialized in cloud computing solution

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